BeardedBrothers.Games S.A. was formed at the end of 2018 by two brothers, Darek and Lukasz Skrzypkowski. After many years in the games industry, working with different people at the ownership levels, they decided to start a company just the two of them. The goal was to implement such a work culture and a belief in specific values regarding game development, which was always their dream. The initial slogan of the company was „back to the roots of indie game dev,” but it quickly had to be updated. BeardedBrothers.Games rapidly went from being a typical small indie studio to scaling up through investors and publishers.

The company’s philosophy is to create games and entertainment products in which a consistent element is the use of procedural generation to create immersive gameplay with high replayability. We try to start each project with what we can use in terms of these technologies and how they will affect gameplay.

We create projects together with the gaming community. There are often pivots and changes in concepts because of this, but we believe that by doing this, we will deliver products to the game market that will have a lot of audiences.

The BeardedBrothers.Games S.A. group also includes Spellarena, which is responsible for designing an A.I. application for game masters using the Dungeons and Dragons system in particular.

BBG Group has currently released three games:

  • Biker Garage: Mechanic Simulator (PC – self-publishing, Nintendo Switch – Publisher: Pineapple Works and soon by the same publisher for Xbox and PS4 consoles),
  • Shipwreck Escape (PC – self-publishing, Nintendo Switch – Publisher: Ocean Media, the same publisher will release on PS5),
  • Anthill Takeover (released on Android,, self-publishing),

The group is currently working on:

  • Let’s Go Nuts 2 (released demo on PC; Publisher on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS5 – Ocean Media),
  • Never Ending Dungeon (self-publishing – planned release on PC Steam in late 2022),
  • Underground Garage (ongoing discussions with AA publishers to complete the game together),

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