We are currently looking for people for the following positions (office in Warsaw, 608 Wal Miedzeszyński street):

  • Unity Gameplay Programmer
  • Unity Tool Programmer
  • Technical Artist
  • Enviro Artist

Join the team!

Company philosophy

At BeardedBrothers.Games group, we’ve been working with a clear philosophy since the very start of the company – we create products for gamers who participate in the creation of each of our projects. Hence, we often use tools such as open testing, communicating with the community, or use social crowdfunding.

This allows us to think first and foremost about the quality of our products, and that is the overarching goal on any given day, week, or milestone. Of course, within the budgets available for the projects 🙂 We do our best to find the people who want to work with us.

For every production, we try to find willing partners, be it publishers or investors, who will allow us to make a game bigger, better, and more suited to the players.

We also try to create the right atmosphere for everyone who joins us and find them the right place in the team. We hope that thanks to this, for over 3 years of company’s activity we haven’t laid off anyone and only 2 people have left the company. To our knowledge, this is the lowest turnover in the game industry!

We invite you to join us – we are genuinely open to ideas. We prefer a horizontal management structure. Some even accuse us of being a so-called „teal organization.” It’s not that easy, but it’s still fun!

Of the things that some of you may not like, the important thing is that you only work in the office. Of course, you can work remotely from time to time, but we believe that the creative process of creating games requires working on-site as part of a team. So far, it’s working out.

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