Anniversary Update!

Hey, Bikers!

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally able to announce a new version of the Biker Garage Anniversary Update and it’s gonna be big! As you all probably already know the most important change will be the new interface, but that’s not it! We’ve also fixed the bugs reported by you in the past months.

Now you can enjoy:

  • a completely new interface!
  • dozens fixes of bugs reported by the community!
  • better game performance thanks to optimization!

Here are some of the bugs that have been fixed:

  • Filtering the wishlist by category in the store we are in
  • You can repair parts that are below 20%, contrary to what the tutorial and help section suggest
  • You can drain the brake fluid to many liters in the minus. Additionally, the target amount may be -1 for a second
  • You can paint a part with multiple colors and when you finish, the color of the whole part will change to the last one you’ve selected
  • On weaker computers, the dynamometer does not display the generated information
  • You can get stuck in the junkyard, due to the player’s character falling very slowly
  • The technical condition of all motorcycles in the parking lot shows 0%
  • Incorrect speed measurement on the track
  • Some parts fall below the junkyard and fall perpetually
  • The tires have normal maps turned upside down and they shine too much

Special thanks to Pineapple Works for the support with the Anniversary Update process, they made fixes to the game, changed the interface, and psst….They are working on the console version.

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