Dev Diary #1 – We’re moving to 3D. A glimpse at NPCs and scene construction.


You might have seen it on our social media, and now it’s time to make it official – we are moving Be the Ruler to Unity engine and into 3D!

Why? After the last beta testing, we noticed that the gamers’ approach was a bit on a technical side. Their in-game choices were dictated more by resource management than role playing and living through the stories we created. This put us kinda in a Reigns corner, and we didn’t like it. So, to make Be the Ruler more immersive, we’re adding 3D environments to walk around and smell the medieval air. It will allow you to experience being a king in a much deeper way.

All graphics are work in progress. We only started working on them in April, but we already want to show you a glimpse of what the characters in the game will look like 🙂

And this is how we build the first castle scene:

And also from working on the graphic style:

On a more technical note, our process for moving the game to Unity:

– integration with csv files
– npc table
– marriages + children
– attributes (WIP)
– log player table
– recognition of 1/3 tags in text
– recognition of 1/3 areas
– recognition of ⅓ consequences
– parent/children events
– camera movement + player controller
– lip sync
– voice reading
– event showing

Upcoming changes:
– downloading csv files online
– finishing attributes
– romances/bastards
– npc based turn system(WIP)

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