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Embark on an unprecedented journey in Moonshot, a game that masterfully blends survival and tycoon elements within the thrilling setting of space colonization. Set in the year 2027, where private global entities have ignited a new space race for resource acquisition, you are at the forefront of this interstellar venture.

Your Mission: Begin by constructing your very own rocket, assembling a skilled team, and making history as the first astronaut to set foot on the Moon since 1969. What will you encounter in this alien landscape? How will you adapt to the hostile environment that awaits?

Moonshot’s Realism: Experience space exploration in the near future, where the technology is grounded in today’s reality or in advanced prototype stages. Forget star gates or teleportation – this is a journey akin to what real astronauts will soon undertake (hopefully)!

Survival in the Unknown: 

  • Adapt to an entirely new environment – a different planet where even walking or drinking water poses a challenge.
  • Manage oxygen levels and other vital gases both in your base and spacesuit to survive the harsh conditions.
  • Ensure a steady supply of food, air, and other essentials for sustenance.


Building, Crafting and Science:

  • Construct a base from scratch with various functional rooms for living, farming, resource storage, and relaxation.
  • Craft tools for lunar expeditions using Earth prefabricates, discover new resources, and start producing them at your base.
  • Test new space technologies in a novel environment. Will you build a base that could launch missions to Mars?


Exploration Galore:

  • Traverse the lunar surface on foot, in a rover, or with a lunar lander.
  • Prepare the terrain for your base, explore craters, and mine crucial minerals.
  • Discover water and respond to unexpected events like solar flares or lunar experiment outcomes.


Tycoon Elements:

  • Establish mines, extract minerals.
  • Trade and transport resources back to Earth.
  • Fund your base’s expansion and build the first autonomous lunar colony.
  • Gear up for a groundbreaking Mars expedition!
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