Dev Diary #19


Last weeks were quieter, but we’re back with the noise 😀

I don’t know if you guys know, but making a game is a constant struggle for every little element to be as cool as possible… And working. We wanted to release the demo already in May, now we hope to do it in June. There’s a lot to look forward to!

And next week, for those of you who like to play products that don’t quite work, we will announce another call for alpha tests. Start having fun 🙂

In recent weeks, apart from working on fixing bugs and improving the game, we were also creating our first NPC (pic rel – motion capture in, preparing the paint shop, the sticker system and the tuning system. And we played the game hundreds of times.

The upcoming plan looks like this:
1. next week – announce alpha testing and send out keys.
2. end of the month – finishing and publishing a playable demo.

For those who want to stay as alpha testers we will prepare a separate calendar of closed tests 🙂

Apart from the demo, we are also working on the trailer and made some new screenshots. Enjoy! 😀

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