Dev Diary #49

Hey there everyone!

The Underground Garage crew is shifting into high gear to bring you the first update of the new year, and it’s packed with developments.

January’s Progress: Beta is coming
In the latest monthly recap, the Underground Garage team presented the beta version of the game. For more info about the beta, make sure to join our Discord community—where you might even snag a chance to become a beta tester yourself! <3

Your Garage, Your Rules
The customization of the mechanic’s garage – we just finished the prototype of moving and decorating stuff in your own place, from tools to decorations. Then, check out the dynamic city driving, where each car has its unique handling. Especially the bus…right?

Deb’s Office
Take a tour of the newly designed office space in Underground Garage!

Power Under the Hood: The New V8 Engine
The roar of the new V8 engine is set to echo through the streets, complete with an innovative AutoForward and Backward mode.

Stay Tuned,

The Underground Garage Team

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