Dev Diary #48

As the year races to a close, the Underground Garage team is here with our final update of 2023, loaded with some cool end-of-year developments. But first off, a turbocharged Happy New Year to all of you! Before we shift gears into 2024, let’s take a quick pit stop to see what we’ve revved up recently.

Slick New Main Menu
Now, every time you fire up the game, you’ll be greeted by a super slick car on the main menu, setting the tone for the high-octane experience that awaits!

The Docks Come to Life
We’ve been burning the midnight oil to enhance the environmental settings, especially the docks area. Our team has been meticulously crafting every detail to ensure a deeply immersive and realistic backdrop for your automotive adventures. Get ready to flex your mechanic skills in an environment that breathes life into every nook and cranny of this bustling waterfront.

Garage Upgrades
Big news in the garage! We’ve expanded the space, crafting a detailed office and garage area for one of the key side characters. This new environment is not just about aesthetics; it adds depth and context to your gameplay experience.

Engine Mastery
Under the hood, we’ve been busy too! The engine model is now complete, boasting over 130 parts and a whopping 282 screws, offering an unprecedented level of detail and realism for all you auto aficionados out there.

So, as we downshift into holiday mode and gear up for a new year, we want to thank you all for being such an amazing community. Your enthusiasm fuels our engines and drives us to push the boundaries of gaming!

Here’s to a High-Speed 2024!

The Underground Garage Team

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