Devlog #5

Hey there, Storage Hunter fans!

As we’re gearing up to bid farewell to 2023, the Storage Hunter crew is dropping in with the latest scoop on what’s been cookin’ in our game world. First things first, a massive shout-out and a Happy New Year to our awesome community! Before we dive into the new year, let’s take a quick detour and check out the cool stuff we’ve been tinkering with lately.

Design Chats & Chatter
We’ve been deep in discussions about the nitty-gritty of our game. Think about the magic behind how those garage contents magically appear (yup, procedural generation!), the vibe of our world, and the twists and turns of our storyline. It’s like planning the best storage war strategy ever!

Mechanics Makeover
Hold on to your hats, ’cause we’ve rolled out a new set of mechanics! We’re talking about a fresh take on inspection, identification, repair, tablet operation, and, oh yeah, multiplayer action. Right now, it’s all about 4-player chaos, but we’re cranking that up to at least 10 players soon. Imagine the showdowns!

Concept Art Unveiled
We’ve been busy creating concept arts of your auction opponents and auction leaders! Get ready to face a lineup of unique and challenging rivals, each with their own style and strategy. These aren’t your average Joe’s; they’re tough, cunning, and ready to give you a run for your money in the bidding wars!

New Shiny Things
Guess what? We’ve added a museum that doubles as an auction site, plus a bunch of models to pack those garages. It’s like finding that hidden gem in a pile of storage goodies.

That’s the wrap-up for 2023, folks! Keep those bids coming, and let’s make 2024 another thrilling year in Storage Hunter Simulator!

Storage Hunter Team

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