Devlog #7


We’re bringing you the latest scoop from the Storage Hunter Simulator dev team! Here’s what’s new and what we have been working on:

Spotlight Camera: Now, you can easily see who’s leading the bid with our new camera feature.

Pawn Shop Displays: Sold an item? Watch it take pride of place on the pawn shop shelves.

Pack & Stack: Master the art of organizing your loot in containers like boxes, trunks, and safes and many more!

Catch all these things in action in our latest video below:

Treasure Galore: Dive into a sea of new assets hidden across storage units. It’s a treasure hunter’s dream come true!

Sleek UI: Evaluating your finds just got a whole lot easier with our new interface.

Your Personal Ranch: Because even the most avid hunters need a cozy spot to kick back and relax.

Happy Bidding,
Storage Hunter Team

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