December Update

Hello Adventurers!

Hope you’re all doing great as we say goodbye to 2023. First things first, Happy New Year to each one of you!  Let’s take a quick look at what we’ve been up to before we jump into 2024.

We’re working on a really cool new setting that we can’t wait for you to explore – a Mansion. Imagine wandering through its grand halls and secret passages, each room telling its own story.

We have both concept arts:

And work in progress on 3D iteration: 

We’re on a quest to perfect the NED menu and it’s shaping up wonderfully. With prototypes for the main menu, loading screen, a list of saved adventures, and a sleek view mode for loaded adventures, navigating your epic journeys is becoming more intuitive and visually stunning.

We know you had some thoughts on our first camera setup (back in Tech Alpha), so we’re making changes. Our goal is to make moving around in NED smooth and enjoyable, and we’re working hard to get it just right.

We also created new minis:

And flame mockups for torches and bonfires:

As we take a little break for the holidays and gear up for a new year, we just want to say a big thank you. You all are the best, and your excitement and support keep us going and pushing to make NED better and better!

Let’s roll the dice for an epic 2024! 

Take care,

The NED Team

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