March Update

Hello, Adventurers!

We’re back with updates from the Never Ending Dungeon team, and we’ve got something special for you. Dive into our March update with these videos:

Dive into our progress with Julia: 

Our team spills the beans on how NED becomes your ultimate time-saving companion. Watch the video here and discover the magic:

Meet NED’s Co-founder – Artur. Artur will describe to you what is NED all about:

Want to know exactly what NED is and what it brings to the table? Check out this comprehensive video to get the full scoop:

Recently, on the programming side, we have been focusing on:

  • Polishing VVT mode.
  • Polishing map generation and integrating AI-matched assets.
  • Map editing mode progress, allowing GMs to add assets to the generated maps.
  • Game options enhancements.

When it comes to AI we have been working on:

  • Expanding room descriptions for GMs.
  • Adapting AI for more exciting themes in the Adventure Generator.
  • UI improvements for displaying information from AI in NED.

Our team has been hard at work this past week, combining items and characters in the game, as well as developing a panel that will be useful for players and game masters in creating their story elements—such as building their characters.

As you can see, the UI isn’t graphically finalized at this point, but that’s just a matter of a few more days!

And at the very end we have concept art and models for you:

Take care,

The Never Ending Dungeon Team

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