Dev Diary #20 


We are hard at work in testing the Alpha version. Expect more invitations to participate to be sent out very soon. Thanks to everyone who signed up!

In today’s Dev Diary, we invite you to watch a short gameplay footage of the Alpha version + a presentation of some of the cars that will be in the full version.

Also, a list of updates to the Alpha version:
– Fixed Crash in engine dissasembly tree ( while clicking dissasembly on engine head / block )
– Emilio`s car update. More realistic driving, better drifting. ( 1.07 )
– Working StairWhell Detection ( Checked on G29 )
– Graphic Settings Menu ( Basic Configuration, Still work in progress )-
– New Emilo Animations
– Fixed Gearbox stuck bug
– Added steering wheel detection component
– Nitro changed to more arcade ( in tests ).

And also fixing a lot of bugs.

We are currently working on new cars and parts stores.

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