Dev Diary #22


Thank you all for participating in the name selection. You showed great commitment and it was great fun both counting your votes and reading the suggestions. We are happy to be working for such an engaged community.

After long consideration, as well as many votes that Underground is the best name, we have decided to stick with it. We also want to start fundraising for the Underground Garage project on Kickstarter in September!

I hope you’ll help us create this project and we’ll succeed together!

As for production – we’ve gathered all the feedback from you guys and now we’re implementing it. First things first:

  • Improvements in the interface and settings,
  • Mission refinement (setting up missions one by one, refining flow, additional animations),
  • Expansion of missions and what can be done in the workshop (manual body repair, more painting and customization options, wheel balancing, fluid filling),
  • Improvements and changes in lighting to make the game brighter,
  • Changed terrain for driving,
  • Adding damage to the car while driving,
  • Optimization of the game.
  • Also, continuous work on the city and races!

Testing schedule:
This coming Monday (16.08.2021) we close the possibility to register for the Alpha version. Those of you who participate in the tests or join us by the end of the day on Monday (CEST time) will be able to continue enjoying the tests.

The current Alpha testing phase will close at the end of August. Those of you who have been most active during testing will receive a special invitation from us to continue testing.

Thank you all!

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