Dev Diary #26

Hello everyone!

Last week went by quickly, so here we go with another Dev Diary!

We’ve got a lot of news to share, so let’s start with spark generator. Now sparks will appear during collisions.

Take a look at the video to see it in action:

It’s time for you to meet David and Kate!

David is a player character, a car mechanic, and Kate for the time being is a little mystery, but you surely will get to know her better as the time goes on! 

We are working on the paint shop and stickers. Up until now, in Alpha, you have only been able to paint your car one color in its entirety. We’ve added the option to paint only selected parts, so there will be even more customization options for you to try! 

We’re hard working on polishing and remodeling the desert. We want to share with you some screenshots from the process:

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