Dev Diary #30

Hello everyone!

Time to let you in on our recent development progress. 

We’re back with your favorite – car destruction! Besides the destruction, you may notice that the track is different from the Alpha and the scenery itself is brighter. It’s not the final result yet; we’re still working on it.

And because of the fact that we decided to switch to daylight, we have a lot of work on lighting on the scenes. Here you can see some work-in-progress: 

We’ve started working on the Character Creator, so now your player character will be even more yours 😉 For now, we have the ability to set gender, height, face, body type, outfit, hairstyle and facial hair.

We also did some work on the settings, which includes:

  • added sliders to the car sound and dialogue
  • separated the resolution and refresh rate separately
  • frame limit
  • option to change between AZERTY and QWERTY

In addition, we’ve started working on a new car! We were thrilled with your response to the last car, so we hope this one will also live up to the hype!

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