Dev Diary #32

Hello everyone!

Today we have something different than usual. We did a mini-interview with our artist Mateusz! He’s the one responsible for creating cars. As he’s close to finishing his next model, we’re going to show it to you today, and Mateusz will tell you a bit more about the modeling process and car details 🙂

How did you learn to model cars?
I started modeling around 2011. It began with a car, of course. I was missing a particular car model in a specific game, so I just typed „how to model a car” on the internet. I started watching tutorials, analyzing, previewing meshes of other cars. And I just practiced and modeled. Of course, the first models looked awful. But still, I was proud of them; people liked them. I didn’t finish any courses. All I did was practice, trial, and error, watching tutorials and watching other models how they have polygons laid out. I mainly focused on cars, but I also modeled many other things like buildings, furniture, weapons, tools, etc. In fact, I am still learning and eager to expand my knowledge.

How do you know how to make all of these parts? What is the reference?
References for models include pictures from the internet. They help me but are not the primary source. I have a lot of freedom in creating parts. I have been a fan of cars and motorsport since I was a kid. This makes it easier for me to „invent” the look of the parts. Additionally, I have been restoring old cars for a few years now, so I know what the body should look like after removing body panels, automotive carpets, etc.

How long does it take to make one car model?
The car usually takes 2-3 months to complete. With so much complexity, there are often revisions or changes in modeling a particular area. Everything has to fit together. This includes tuning kits, roll cages, neon signs, audio kits, additional sport gauges, and many other additional parts.

What inspired you to do this level of detail?
We determined the level of detail with the whole team. We compromise between optimization and a nice look. It is not an art to add a lot of polygons. I try to optimize the model as much as possible, and I use various tricks that help me do that. For example, the edges of the elements pretend to be nicely rounded in a clever way. It is important to me that the light reflections in the car paint are nicely diffused, without any ugly bends.

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