Dev Diary #35

Hello everyone!

Today, we’ll talk a little more about the Underground Garage changes. Many of you were surprised and had some questions, so we collected the answers in one post. 

Many of you have been asking – how will we differentiate ourselves from other simulators?

First of all, the storyline. We want to develop a strong storyline and provide you with a single-player campaign for several hours of fun!

Our writer prepared for you a sneak peek of what the story will be about:
In a dark-themed story, a talented auto mechanic enters the car tuning scene looking for the people responsible for his/her daughter’s death. Deeply wounded, the protagonist begins a risky game with criminals hiding among fans of customized cars and night racing. Things get even more slippery when an ambitious police officer gets involved.

We also want to provide you with an open world. We want to create a map with many cool quests and little secrets to discover. Different shops, junkyards to explore. 

In addition to this, there remains an emphasis on tuning and realistic damage. Many of you were worried that tuning would remain completely irrelevant by disappearing the racing part. Don’t worry, the tuning will still affect the driving experience!

And, of course, the little tycoon. We want you to focus on developing your garage and become the most wanted mechanic. You’ll hire drivers to win illegal street races using your tuned cars. Claim your winnings cut. Retune their cars to level them up for more lucrative races. Rinse, repeat, expand. 🙂

And as always, we have a graphic update for you from our reliable Mateusz:

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