January Update

Hey everyone!

Over the last few days, we’ve been getting inquiries from you guys about the Open Gaming License – how and if it will affect NED.

Let’s start with this – What is the Open Gaming License?

The Dungeons & Dragons Open Gaming License (OGL) is a legal instrument that allows third parties to use certain intellectual property owned by Wizards of the Coast with the intention of creating new works based on that IP. Wizards of the Coast first published the OGL in 2000 as a way to support the publication of third-party materials for their Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.

A few days ago, OGL 1.1 was leaked, and it (rightfully) caused some stir in the DnD community. You can read more about it here.

What is in the new OGL 1.1?

Let’s highlight some of the points:

  • The old OGL (OGL 1.0) will no longer be valid.
  • Any content that is not printed or PDF cannot be created under the new license (so no VTT, games, apps, or videos)
  • All creators earning over $750,000 will have to pay a very high percentage of revenue after $750,000. This also includes Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms.
  • Any use within the OGL must be registered with Wizards of the Coast (WotC). Regardless of the revenue generated.
  • WotC has the right to all content published under the OGL. Forever. And they can use them however they want.

What does it mean to Never Ending Dungeon?

We will not be implementing a specific system in NED. Never Ending Dungeon won’t be a product using WotC intellectual property. We will allow each person to add their own stats and play the system that suits them. We will rely on open-source and community support. Never Ending Dungeon is created for players and Game Masters – and we don’t want to limit you in any way, and we want to offer you total freedom.

We hope this will clear all your doubts. One thing you certainly don’t have to worry about – Never Ending Dungeon will definitely be released.

Never Ending Dungeon was created by the community and can only grow with the community’s support so that we will implement open-source ideas as widely as possible in our products.

We believe that being fair to creators and giving them the opportunity to create their products with NED is the only way and the key to success.

We are also disgusted and upset with how WoTC has changed its approach to players and developers. If the OGL changes are true, it’s a massive hit to the entire RPG community because 5e is the most popular system in the world, and it sets the standard.

Let’s get back to more pleasant things. Over the past couple of weeks, we have been working on the following:

  • designing NPC description generation
  • working on the networking aspect of VTT (creating and joining rooms, displaying the list of players, and sending data and information about the changes they have made)
  • working on a new camera system (the ability to move slowly around the map with the camera using the mouse and keyboard. Added more buttons that work with the camera and the ability to change camera settings)
  • fine-tuning various fog variants for the scene

Kate and Jacek, have prepared asset galleries for you:

And Zu has some new concepts for you:

Thanks for reading!


Spellarena Team

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