November’s second update!

First of all, you can see the top-down test view, which is probably the most important for you, from the perspective of future Never Ending Dungeon users. I hope you enjoy it!

Let’s start today’s update with the progress of the graphics. The video below shows some of the assets already uploaded to the corridors from the FPP view. We are also working on the lighting of the locations.

Our graphic designers have also paid great attention to the details of the elements you will encounter on your way in Never Ending Dungeon:


We are also working on elements to build hallways and halls:

Blocked archway

In terms of adventure generation, we are also moving forward. Our Machine Learning Wizard, Jacek, is working on the meta-quest engine, which will create locations (maps), adventure content, and NPCs with their background stories. We’ve been sick in the team recently, so it’s going a bit slower than we thought, but everyone is healthy now!

Today we have defined the next steps for the algorithms to work on, and Jacek is working at full speed to create the neural networks and collect the data. We hope for a small breakthrough in the next update, so keep your fingers crossed!

Also, from the map generation side, Ula is finishing JSON interpretation and loading (data that Jacek sends from the creation engine) so that on its basis, we can build maps for you. We will soon reach an important milestone in this area. Stay tuned for the next update; there’s plenty to look forward to!

And at the end, some concept art from Zu:

Goblin hall in the dungeon
Entrance door and gate
Barrels with space for loot
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