Biker Garage: Mechanic Simulator is available NOW!


It’s a big day for us. Our first game developed from scratch at is now available on Steam. I hope this is a significant moment not only for us, but also for dozens of thousands of fans like you, who have been waiting for our game.

Some of you have been with us for year, some of you joined in recent weeks, even days. Biker Garage will try to meet your expectations, and we keep our fingers crossed that you will love what you see.

The game has been played by alpha and beta testers who’ve looked for bugs, and sent us feedback and suggestions for improvement. They really loved Biker Garage – and we hope that you’ll feel the same way! If you have any problems with the game, let us know.

Now, let’s play!

Darek, Łukasz and rest of the and DevJuice team

PS. If you’ve come here for the first time – you can check the gameplay we’ve recorded:

And YouTubers:

PS2 Roadmap!
We aim for constant growth in terms of content and features for our game. We’re sharing our
basic plan with you here – which we’ll adapt according to your suggestions and feedback.
At first, we’ll deal with any necessary bug fixes, that is, if you find something that 200+ alpha and beta testers didn’t 🙂 and then:

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