Junkyard DLC for FREE!

Hi, Bikers!

We want to announce big news, but before that, we want to THANK YOU! You reviewed our game as „Very Positive” on Steam, and that means 80%+ of you like our game and tell what they think to other players.

As you probably know, we had a hard task after the premiere with fixing bugs and updating Biker with new features. Considering that, we are pleased even more that you appreciated our efforts by writing great reviews!

To the point: you can now use a new feature in the game – Junkyard. I hope you’ll like it! When you will have some ideas about what we can improve, let us know. Your feedback is the most crucial thing in building our To-Do list 🙂

Also, we set up a 20% discount to celebrate the first FREE DLC!

In the Junkyard, you can find parts that you can repair and use in your work or the entire motorcycles to fix and sell (or keep in your collection).

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