December Map Pack

Make a pilgrimage to the famous shrine where you can pray to the Angel of Peace!

The most famous deity of the land is the Angel of Peace, a being said to have ended the conflict between two warring kingdoms by descending from the sky and turning away both armies. After the miraculous event, called the Peaceful Battle at Mosdame, the Angel returned to the sky. In the place where he cast his Spell of Peace, a shrine was erected. That temple is now the destination of many pilgrimages.

Since some members of your party are religious, you decide to pay your respects to the Angel together. When you arrive at the shrine, some devotees are already sitting on the benches, awaiting the ceremony that is performed every hour at the statue of the Angel. You take your own seats and join them. Soon the priest comes, and the chanting starts. At the end of the ceremony, the Father blesses everyone with magic. You instantly feel a sense of peace come over you – a reminder of the time the Angel used a much stronger version of such a spell.

Even if you’re not a believer, the festivities are nice to watch. After the ceremony you go to a nearby tavern and eat a hearty meal, reminiscing with stories from your adventures. It’s good to take a break from hunting monsters and bandits every now and then.

Adventure Hooks

  • You come to the Shrine to the Angel of Peace to take part in the festivities. A priest blesses you with a Lesser Spell of Peace as a reminder of the magic the Angel used against the fighting armies at the Peaceful Battle at Mosdame. You feel like this ceremony is a delightful break from adventuring.
  • The Oasis at Mosdame hides the Shrine to the Angel of Peace, and you’re visiting the location today as a stop along your journey. A bunch of devotees are already gathered, but you approach the statue regardless. When you touch the holy monument, the ground shakes, and a voice booms from the sky, “Who dares disturb the sleep of the Angel of Peace?” Maybe putting your hands on the sculpture wasn’t such a good idea after all?
  • Pancratius, a scholar in the matters of the divine, wants to be brought to the ruins of Mosdame to investigate the forgotten Shrine to the Angel of Peace. On the way, he tells you the story of the Peaceful Battle of Mosdame. He’s a true chatterbox, so you’re glad when you finally arrive at your destination. However, it seems some cultists of the God of War have taken up residence in the ruins. Will you fight these heretics, or will you bargain with them for access to the shrine?

Catch the thieves in the narrow alleyways of Blissborne!

Today your task is to catch the group of thieves who have stolen the Goblet of Kings from King Lucius’ Royal Treasury. Your search takes you to Blissborne’s commoner district. You walk through the alleyways, looking left and right, trying to spot the person you were pursuing in the crowd a moment ago. They were covered head to toe in grey cloaks; a common sight in this city.

Market stalls have been set up all along the storefronts here. One person is selling shoes, another person is selling honey. However, these wares don’t interest you right now. Your eyes are on the prize – the sum of money you will receive for catching the thieves.

You spot a suspicious individual turning left at the nearest junction. You follow, ducking below the laundry hanging between the townhouses. The person starts to run, and so do you. You chase them into a dead end. They turn around, taking off the cloak. A handsome elf with long blond hair stands before you. “I’m not going to give up the goblet to you without a fight”, he states before conjuring a ball of fire in his hand. Combat against him should be easy once you get up close and personal with the sorcerer, but will you be able to dodge the fireballs he throws at you so you can approach him?

Adventure Hooks

  • You’re chasing a group of thieves who have stolen the Goblet of Kings from King Lucius’ Royal Treasury. You find one suspicious individual and chase him into a dead end, but the elf won’t go down without a fight.
  • There’s a festival happening in Blissborne, and the streets are crowded. At one point you realize you have lost your pouch full of hard-earned gold. You see the thief disappear into an alleyway, and you chase after them. Will you be able to catch them and get back what rightfully belongs to you?
  • The festival in Blissborne is known for its delicacies – sweets and honey. You venture between the stalls, sampling what the city has to offer, when suddenly you find a crying child. The girl has lost her mother. Will you be able to locate the missing parent?

Step into the fey mushroom portal and be transported into the land of tricks!

You’re traveling through the woods when you stumble upon a clearing with mushrooms in a circle. You’ve heard stories about the lands of fey where tricks and strange bargains are commonplace. You discuss amongst yourselves if you’d like to venture into those lands. The curiosity is too strong to ignore. You know the adventure may be dangerous. However, when have you been ever afraid of danger?

Holding hands you step inside the circle of mushrooms. A flash of white light momentarily blinds you and you feel a vortex pulling at you. Nausea hits you, but before the feeling becomes too strong to handle you reappear into a clearing. The place looks much the same as the one in your world, only that the trees are blue, pink and purple, and seem to shine brightly with inner light.

You step out of the circle, and look around, unsure of what to do. Just then a dozen pixies appear, sparkling glittering dust on you before they fly away. Strange. You leave the clearing wondering what you will find beyond it.

Adventure Hooks

  • You stumble upon a clearing in the woods with a portal to the land of fey. You decide to step through it and explore the land beyond.
  • Lorene, a researcher on the fey, tasks you with finding a portal to the feywild and escorting her through it. You look far and wide until you find a clearing with a circle of mushrooms.
  • You’re running away from enemies much too strong for you to handle, when you stumble upon a clearing with a strange circle of mushrooms. You step inside, and are transported into the land of fey. Your pursuit doesn’t follow but is being here a good thing?
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