December Update

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the last update of this year! To start, we want to share something we are super proud of – the new trailer for Never Ending Dungeon! The old video doesn’t  reflect what NED currently is and what our plans are for the future. A lot has changed and so we updated the trailer; we hope you enjoy it!

Please share your thoughts with us!

A new member has joined our team – Arek! Arek is a Unity Developer with three years of experience and is currently working on implementing the network aspect of gameplay for the VTT. In his free time, he is a gamer who prefers genres such as MMOs and action RPGs.

On the programming side, we’ve been working on procedural text generation and fixes to the features you may have already seen in the Tech Alpha. In addition, we’re also working on a new camera system.

Aga continued working on lighting and is close to the final version:

Anna, the NED Designer, worked on:

  • finalizing the map generation system design
  • redesigning the camera system
  • developing the NPC description generation system

As for the AI, major changes has been made in the whole approach to the issue of automatic generation of the content. Since the cutting edge AI research worldwide has been focused on the language-based AI and its derivatives, we’ll allow it show its talents more. So far we treated generating text (i.e. adventure plot, descriptions) and maps as separate, but simultaneous, research problems, that are supposed to ‘meet’ contextually in the end of the generation process. Our course of research switched now to a more holistic one, where the pieces of AI communicate and understand better each other. This way, all the generated adventure elements (map, plot, items, traps, NPC backgrounds, descriptions, etc.) are supposed to be more consistent with each other, hence giving way more joy for you, folks!

We continue working on Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks. We’ve picked candidate language models and test them. Also, we build up learning database by preparing vast amounts of pre-labelled texts. Meanwhile, we break down into parts the process of preparing a good adventure and a good NPC backstory.

Our 3D Artists have prepared beautiful asset galleries for you:

And Zu, our Art Lead, has some new concepts for you:

We wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Spellarena Team

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