Dev Diary #39

Hey everyone!

First, we want to thank you for the warm welcome to the new trailer. We expected a few positive comments, but your response and engagement exceeded all our expectations! Thank you for being with us!

The trailer has also made its way to the further corners of the internet… and was published by IGN:

On the programming side – we did a titanic job of optimizing the game and building a new and improved gameplay architecture.

A location from an earlier version of the game has found its place in the new version and is running in 30FPS:

Deb can already walk around her new garage:

And, of course, work on her car with the newly added engine:

In addition, we worked on implementing the quest system, improving the driving system, and adding the desert scene from the old UG. In the next few weeks, we plan to focus on the map and navigation, implementation of the race, and improving the mechanic mode.

Our character artist, Oliwia, has also created a new character. We won’t tell you who she is, but feel free to share your ideas in the comments! We’d love to read 🙂

Our UI Designer Piotr is prototyping a new menu. We are focusing primarily on readability and user-friendly. These are not the final versions yet.

Dominika, Junior Narrative Designer, worked on the logos for the gangs that will appear in the game. Here are some of her ideas:

And from Mateusz we have new cars for you:

Thanks for reading!

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