December Update!


Nice to see you again before the Christmas break. We’re working hard to bring you the first adventures and maps generated with Never Ending Dungeon as soon as possible!

We know it doesn’t look impressive right now, but it’s a big milestone from a technical perspective. Ula, our Unity programmer, generated this map based on information provided from a generator created by Jacek, so we have the first combination of our AI and display system. From now on, get ready for some big updates soon because this is a huge step forward!

Animations and graphics are, of course, work in progress.

On the AI side – Jacek who is developing his own deep learning solution, has analyzed hundreds of source materials to create the first generator for dungeon goblin adventures. We already have the first results – in the next update, you will be able to see and give feedback on how smart our AI is <3 There is a lot to look forward to!

Meanwhile, asset production continues in the graphics department…

Transitions between rooms:

And work is already underway on assets for the Goblin Adventure based on concept art by our reliable Zu!

Thank you for being with us!

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