December Map Pack!

Shipwreck on the Beach

Adventure hooks:

  • After a terrible night storm, you find a shipwreck on the beach. You scout it carefully, looking for some abandoned loot. Instead, you find a man in chains. He is all soaked and seems barely alive. Suddenly, he opens his eyes and starts coughing. A piece of paper with something written on it falls out of his mouth.
  • Your ship has crashed on a (seemingly) deserted island. You need to figure out a way to get away from the island and some basic survival plan. Almost all of your resources drown in the ocean. At first glance, the island doesn’t seem threatening, but who knows what awaits you deep in the jungle?
  • Rumor has it that a siren regularly visits the abandoned shipwreck. Apparently, you can meet her most often during thick fog days. Ever since you were a child, you have dreamed of meeting a mythical creature, so you head to the beach when the fog comes. As you approach the shipwreck, you hear the siren song taking control over you. As they say, be careful what you wish for.

The Raft

You drift along with the waves. The breeze touches your skin, and you smell the faint scent of the sea. The sun is burning on the back of your neck, but you don’t mind. It has been a long time since you felt so free.

Adventure hooks:

  • You plundered the pirate’s cave, and now you need to escape ASAP… on a small raft! You can hear the cannon shooting far away in the distance. Let’s hope the treasures gained are worth it; it won’t be an easy-breezy escape! 
  • Your supplies are running low, so you decided to go fishing. Everything seems usual at first, but the fishes are not biting the bait. They are biting the raft. Looks like the fishes are hungry too!
  • You notice a small raft floating offshore. It seems like it has been abandoned, so curiosity takes over, and you swim up to it. Tied to the mast is a glass bottle with paper inside. It is a sea map, with a big „X” in the middle.

Thunderstorm Ship

Don’t panic the moment you see dark clouds gathering above your heads. Stay calm and in control. Only a calm mindset can sail you to safety. A little prayer won’t hurt, either.

Adventure hooks:

  • Dark clouds are gathering on the horizon. The sensible thing would be to turn around, but unfortunately, you cannot. You are being pursued by royal ships after you „saved” the princess from an arranged wedding. So you must set off to the eye of the storm and hope for the best.
  • At long last, after a few years of searching, you have found the treasure chest of the pirate king. Upon opening the chest, everything around you changes in the blink of an eye. The cloudless sky is covered by black clouds, and lightning strikes your mast. You can hear the raspy voice seemingly coming out of nowhere: „Finally. After so many years, I’ve been set free.”
  • You refused to listen to your Diety call for an offering. Now, you have been punished. Your ship is on fire, and it doesn’t look like you can do anything to save your skin. You need to come up with something that will appease your Patron and keep you from going to the bottom of the sea.

The Sunken Ship

In the deepest water of the foreboding sea lies the wreckage. Many stories have been told. Some are more grounded, while others drift more towards fantasy. All the stories have one thing in common: no bodies or bones were ever found in the shipwreck.

Adventure hooks:

  • A wizard wants a pet shark. He will reward a person crazy enough to bring him one with anything they want. He says sharks can be found circling the shipwreck. The shipwreck may be full of treasure, too. 
  • Your ship has sunk. Most of your crew managed to save themselves, but all of your loot, which you smuggled out to sell, went down. Now you are stranded on a small island penniless. Locals say the local seaweed allows you to breathe underwater, but the current waters are full of dangerous creatures. 
  • Small Merfolk tribe inhabits the wreck. They are attached to the place and cannot leave it. They say all you need to do to free them is touch the statue in the shipwreck. It turns out they weren’t telling the whole story; now you are a prisoner of the ship instead! 

Kraken Attack

It is almost a tiny paradise. Nature surrounds you from all sides; a nice breeze, pleasant sun, and the smell of the sea. Nevertheless, you can’t get rid of the feeling of unease. Is this island really as deserted as it seems?

Adventure hooks:

  • You don’t remember how you found yourself on this island, but you blackout and wake up on the shore each time you try to leave. Over and over again. There must be a solution to this madness. 
  • The abandoned lighthouse on a small island started to flash at night. You went on a quest to investigate, but when you reached the island, the lighthouse was completely empty, and there was no trace of anyone inhabiting the island. 
  • A small island is a home to a mysterious cult. They have been using their goddess power to enchant fruits that grow on the island. Rumor has it that you will get a gift of future sight after eating the fruit. 

Ship Deck

The Deck is like a second home to you. Or maybe even your first home, after all you spend most of your time in the open sea. 

Adventure hooks:

  • You paid a lot of money to travel undercover on this ship. But as you get farther and farther from the shore, you notice the crew giving you dirty looks. One night, you wake up with a blade on your throat. „I know what yer do.”
  • Your magical artifact is getting out of control! It started to turn your fellow crewmates into frogs. It would help if you found a solution quickly before anyone noticed. After all, no one knows you own it. 
  • The cold water wakes you up. You are on a ship, chained to the deck. You clearly don’t remember how you ended up here. The pirates are looking down on you. „Give us back what you stole,” they say. 

The Grand Ship

Ahoy Pirate! Welcome abroad. Ready to plunder? Discover the treasure? Sail into the unknown? Gather yer best crew, grab a cup of rum and sing shanties!

Adventure hooks:

  • A rebellion has broken out on the pirate ship. Half of the crew believes that the Captain is pocketing too much income and is not sharing enough. In contrast, the other half believes in the honesty of their Captain. The situation is getting heated; you are in the middle of the sea with no land in sight. Whose side will you take? 
  • You were hired to transport a couple of barrels to another continent. The mysterious quest giver didn’t bother to explain what they contained, just that they were fragile. And to not be concerned if they start making weird noises. 
  • A mysterious fog crawls slowly over the ship. You can hear the whisper of people long gone telling you to run away. 
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