Dev Diary #37

Hi y’all!

Over the last month, we have been working on migrating the current game to a new Event-Driven Architecture using Scriptable Objects. This requires a tremendous effort, as we want to keep most of the amazing systems already developed for the previous version.

We want to build a more modular, testable, and easy-to-maintain codebase, translating into faster iterations to achieve a high-quality product. At the same time, we have moved to the new Unity 2021.3 LTS version so that we can take advantage of new features and improvements, especially on the matter of graphics, with lots of changes on the HDRP Render pipeline.

We’re getting closer and closer to finishing the trailer so take look at the tuned cars we prepared for the trailer:

And additionally, Mateusz has prepared for you close-up shots of our newly finished car:

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