May Map Pack!

Snowy Fortress Bridge

Greetings folks! This month we invite you to Mountain Fortresses, and we start with the entrance – the bridge.

Adventure hooks:

  • The snake that lies under the bridge has been asleep for hundreds of years. According to legends, it is supposed never to wake up, but lately, you’ve been feeling disturbing rumblings at the entrance to the fortress. 
  • Dangerous and mysterious, the abandoned fortress hides many secrets and treasures. Countless cracks and crevices in the stone façade, as well as falling stones, make traversing the bridge to discover them even more dangerous. But oh well, you only live once, so you may as well try to cross the bridge. As you step onto the bridge, the snowy clouds start to gather around you, and maybe the fortress has more secrets than you think. 
  • Rumor has it that an ancient crown that is hidden within the fortress will allow you to bend the serpent to your will. Unfortunately, the snake won’t let you get into the fort without a bloodbath. Maybe you could sneak past him…

Mountain Stronghold Ruins

Once a place watching over the peace between the people of humans and dwarves, now an abandoned ruin. Mountain Stronghold is badly damaged, robbed of all valuables, and overgrown by vines and weeds. After the war, everyone has forgotten about this very place, and its only visitors are cold mountain winds.

Adventure hooks:

  • It is rumored that a sword forged by the dwarven Master Blacksmith Kirdorlug Opalsword is hidden in the ruins of the stronghold. Many daredevils have tried to find it, but their efforts were fruitless. You are assured that you will not share their fate. After all, his descendant is among you.
  • Strange activity has been reported in the area of the stronghold and its surrounding. You and your party have been sent to keep a watch in ruins. Nothing seems unusual at first, just you and the cold mountain winds. But you feel the local birds watching you strangely. Their eyes seem too… intelligent. 
  • So it’s yours. The Stronghold. Passed from grandfather to grandfather, until finally, it fell into your hands. No one was willing to restore the ruins, a challenging mountain hike to get there and overrun with bandits and monsters. But you have a plan for how to utilize this place.

Cliffside Castle

An impregnable castle hid deep within the mountains. The folks living here are as harsh and cold as the weather in the mountains. Elverston Fortress is not a place where you will find friends and allies. Especially if you’re not from here.

Adventure hooks:

  • Out of all seven siblings, you had to be the one to get the worst castle. Situated in the icy, cliffy mountains. And the castle itself isn’t even remotely impressive! But you will still show them. You’ll train the best, most durable army, proving that you can’t be pushed around so easily. But first, you must win over your servants, who have lived in this castle for years and do not look at you too kindly.
  • You need to get inside the castle. Preferably not by force. Elverston Fortress is known for its ideal defensive position, and no one has succeeded in capturing the castle so far. Perhaps you could search for a way to sneak into the fort unseen. 
  • It’s your third week of service with Lord Eric and you’ve had enough. The weather is unbearable, the food is awful, and the Lord himself is merciless and cruel. No one has left the castle alive… so far. But you are sure you’re gonna be the first one to do it. 

Hilltop Manor

Hidden deep in the mountains, Hilltop Manor welcomes all weary travelers. But don’t look around too much, and don’t ask any unnecessary questions. The local lord does not reveal his secrets to just anyone.

Adventure hooks:

  • The royal guard arrived on your property early in the morning and took away your right-hand man. They are accusing him of betraying the Kingdom. Someone gave them a tip; they won’t say who, but someone from the manor. You need to find out who betrayed you.
  • A maid has been hiding secret notes for you in the food. Everything was going smoothly until the maid was caught. You need to leave the manor as soon as possible, or else your life will be in danger.
  • An alchemist wants to build a lab in your manor. Nothing out of the ordinary, except he won’t tell you what special potions he will be brewing. He’s also known for being quite… explosive.
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