March Map Pack!

Inside the Abandoned Mansion

Greetings folks! We welcome you to the Abandoned Mansion. This is the map theme that you have chosen in our poll. Thank you all for your participation, and we wish you truly terrifying campaigns. 👻

Adventure hooks:

  • You have been invited to a party, but you find that the mansion is abandoned upon arriving. As you explore the main hall, you notice traces of dried-up blood and thick layers of dust on the furniture around you. As you are about to leave the place, you see that the main door is closed shut and will not budge.
  • You never signed up for a game of cat and mouse with a serial killer. When you took that quest, you looked at it dismissively. Just some kid playing scares in an abandoned mansion. But now, while you hide under the piano, cold sweat runs down your back, and you curse your past self. 
  • At first, when you heard that you were inheriting an old mansion, you were not happy. Why do you need an old, decaying building? But now, after discovering that along with the house, you got a dozen ghost servants, who are at your beck and call, the situation seems more desirable. But why do you sometimes feel threatened in their company…?

Abandoned Mansion – 2nd floor

Staying overnight here was not a good idea. All night long, you heard strange rumblings, and in the morning, you found the body of the hotel owner. And worst of all, you are the prime suspect.

Adventure hooks:

  • Well… The party didn’t go as planned. A body covered with a sheet was found at dawn today. One of you is surely a murderer. The mansion is hidden deep within the woods, and no one could sneak into the mansion.
  • The books in a mansion have been filled with strange runes and symbols. They seem to glow in the dark, but they fade away when exposed to direct sunlight. A scholar hired to investigate them vanished without a trace.
  • You are staying at a mansion in the woods. The owner told you to lock the door every night and not leave your bedroom after nightfall. Each night you hear something outside your bedroom door creeping around, and each night you hear it getting closer.

Abandoned Mansion – The Basement

It’s time to relax! Grab your glass of fine wine, head to the pool, or just take a quick nap. Everyone deserves a moment of a break before they uncover all of the secrets of Abandoned Mansion.

Adventure hooks:

  • Poison the wine. All you had to do was poison the wine. Dropping a few drops of poison into the barrels should be easy, but you never were cut off to be an assassin. Well, the family insisted, so you gave it a shot anyway. You try to hide between the barrels as you hear steps getting closer, but not everything goes as planned.
  • The Old Man says he can tell you your future by playing billiards with him. The price to play with him is unreasonably high, but you get your future reading for free if you manage to win.
  • The statue by the pool seems eerie. It feels like its eyes follow you each time you take a dip in the water. It’s almost as if it’s alive. The water went colder when you met its marble eyes.

Mansion’s Dungeon

After perhaps a few drinks too many, you decided to explore the mansion independently. Reaching the lowest level, you didn’t know what to expect and what you saw froze your blood in your veins. 

Adventure hooks:

  • As an Afterlife detective, you often have to visit unpleasant places, and you are currently in one of them. Ever since you took your first step into the mansion, you shivered. In the dungeons, you have found absolute carnage. The victims’ spirits have been tied to their skeletons and cannot peacefully cross the gate of the Afterlife. You try to communicate with them, but no sound comes from their mouths.
  • You have been locked in a cell in the dungeons of the Abandoned Mansion. You do not remember how you got here. Your only companion is a skeleton sitting in the corner of the cell. In his hand, you notice a piece of paper that says: „Search the left side.”
  • You have hidden among the corpses in a chamber in the dungeons. A white sheet covers you, and you hope that it will give you adequate cover from the patrol searching for you. With each passing moment, you are becoming more and more sleepy. It’s as if someone or something is sucking the energy out of you.

Cursed Graveyard

Do you feel the shivers down your spine? Rumor has it that necromantic rituals were performed hundreds of years ago in this graveyard. Some stray souls still find no peace and are bound to the Cursed Graveyard for eternity

Adventure hooks:

  • Ah, there is it – your grave. It has your name, portrait, and date of death from over a century ago. Yet you are standing here alive. When you touch the tombstone, visions flash before your eyes, and the whole world goes black.
  • Night after night, the graves in the local cemetery are being dug up and desecrated. The Graveyard Keeper is nowhere to be found, and in every dug-up, there is a weird sticky gloop. You lean over the grave for a closer look and suddenly feel a dull blow on your head.
  • In the middle of a dark and eerie graveyard, something stirs. The vampire was undisturbed for centuries, but now someone has stumbled upon his tomb. His slumber has been interrupted. Now he hunts for anything that comes too close to the graveyard.

Graveyard’s Catacombs

The Cursed Graveyard always had an unsettling feeling, but you never would imagine what lies underneath. Hidden deep underground, this bloody tomb was once overrun with a horde of flesh-hungry undead.

Adventure hooks:

  • At last, you have found it – the caves of Ghouls. In the darkness, you cannot see them; you can only hear murmurs and the sound of your footsteps. The stench of decaying corpses makes you nauseous. If you do not want to become their next victim, you cannot let them surprise you!
  • You must stop the ritual! The Vampire Master drags his victims into the catacombs beneath the graveyard and drains the blood out of them. He plans to bring all of the dead vampires back to life. 
  • You wake up in a cave. You don’t remember how you got here. You traveled through the woods, encountered a graveyard, and then… your mind goes blank. You look around in the dim light and spot your friends in blood-filled ponds. Their faces have a mindless expressions, and the bloody water sucks them in like quicksand.

Abandoned Mansion

Welcome to the Abandoned Mansion! You can make yourselves comfortable, or you can go exploring right away. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that everyone will come out of this tour safe and sound.

Adventure hooks:

  • The ghosts are escaping the Mansion! The Baron wants you to catch them in a silver flask and bring them back to him. They’re precious family members, he says.
  • Your lungs are burning like a living fire. You don’t know how long you have been running through the forest, but you come upon a mansion. All the windows are covered with dark curtains, and no light comes out of the Mansion. You must get inside before a pack of wolves gets you! You hope the owners won’t mind…
  • The Pond at the back of the Mansion has this weird greenish color and gives off an odor. Everyone thinks it’s just algae, but you and your friend are convinced there is something more to it. You dip a tip of your finger in the water. It starts turning pale green with a scale-like texture. 
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