January Update!


Nice to see you all in the new year! We hope that the New Year’s and Christmas period passed peacefully and you had some time for a well-deserved rest 🙂

We are not slowing down since the new year. We’re making more and more progress when it comes to the AI part of NED. We already have the first results of our work, which we are super excited about!

We’ve laid the groundwork for plot hooks generated by NED, and we’d like to share the first results of the stories our AI comes up with:

Goal: Pursue fleeing foes taking refuge in the dungeon.

Charismatic bard wants to be healed by goblins .

Ghoul wants to save the world with goblins but it will take them somewhere they never wanted to go .

Goblins wants to enchant bard .

Goal: Win a bet or complete a rite of passage by surviving in the dungeon for a certain amount of time.

Blessed monk wants to improve the reputation of goblins .

Fallen scientist wants to gain freedom from goblins but he must become what he fears.

Goblins wants to find love in monk.

Goal: Discover the nature and origin of a strange location or phenomenon.

Distant healer wants to solve the puzzle of goblins.

Valiant druid wants to improve goblins but it will mean forever living a lie .

Druid wants to connect with family through cage .

Goblins wants to bring despair to castle.

Goal: Discover why a villain is interested in the dungeon.

Panic-inducing messiah wants to start a war with goblins .

Goblins wants to find the path home and their only lead is unexpected guardian .

Unexpected guardian wants to enact a secret plan revolving around messiah but they will have to gain the trust.

Our AI is currently feeding itself masses of stories and books to brush up on its writing skills.  But you certainly can’t deny its creativity 😉

We are also working on a mechanism for you to rate the content you create to better teach our AI. This co-creation option will be available for backers only!

And as always, work on the assets continues:

And at the end, some concept art from Zu:

Important info: we are getting closer and closer to the first working version. So we need a UI designer (someone who will design Never Ending Dungeon interface for us). If you are interested in this or know someone – let us know!

We are so sorry for the delay in communication, but we already have a third team member with COVID. But we hope these problems are behind us and things will only get better. 🙂

Thank you for being with us! <3

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