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Jungle Stream

Adventure hooks:

  • While exploring the jungle with your party, you start walking along a stream. The longer you walk, the hotter and steamy it gets. Eventually, you reach the source of the stream in a small cave. There you find a large egg. „It’s alive,” notice one of you.
  • You are looking for a cave with a skull-shaped rock. Rumor has it that this is the temple of an ancient forgotten god, and making an offering at the full moon will grant you knowledge of what you really long to know.
  • It is surprisingly quiet here for a jungle. You hear neither squawking insects nor singing birds. The only sound that reaches you is the water flowing in the nearby stream. After a short investigation, you notice that all the animals around you have disappeared. What is going on here? 

Ancient Jungle Temples

Every adventurer is excited at the thought of abandoned temples. In their excitement, they forget about the traps, monsters and curses that may lurk in the temples. 

Adventure hooks:

  • The artifact you found in the temple leaves your camp each night and returns to the temple. You have tried locking it in a chest for the night or keeping watch over it, but the person on lookout mysteriously falls into a deep sleep each time. Will you be able to uncover the secret of the mysterious artifact?
  • Once the home of a cult, the now abandoned, ruined temples continue to cause problems for the local druid clan. A monster living in the temples requires a sacrifice every full moon. If the condition is not met, torrential rains or clouds of insects haunt the druidic clan. . Due to an ancient curse, the druids cannot cross the temple threshold, so they have hired you to restore their peace. 
  • You have finally found a place where you can relax. After a long day in the scorching sun and steamy jungle, a dip in the water seems incredibly tempting. You are about to do it when you notice Grungs swimming in the river. You want to retreat quickly before they notice you, but it is too late. Grungs have surrounded you on all sides. 

Lava River

The heat emanating from the lava is unbearable. You don’t want to be near the lava river, but in its own way, it mesmerizes you with its danger and beauty. 

Adventure hooks:

  • You are being pursued by a primitive clan of natives. You could not communicate with them. They took you as a threat that must be chased away immediately, with pitchforks, shouting, and pursuit. There is a river of lava in front of you! You don’t know whether you should run to the right or to the left, but you realize that you are surrounded on all sides after a while. The only thing left is to try to cross the lava river by jumping over rocks.
  • The river in the middle of the jungle has undergone a magical change. Instead of water, it is filled with lava. This is a crisis for all the nearby villages that have lost their water source. An old sage says that a mad witch is behind all of this, and she did it as revenge. He needs help to stop the witch once and for all.
  • The mushrooms you found in the cave can only be eaten after being submerged in lava. After consuming them, you reach a higher state of concentration, and your mind is open to new and exciting experiences. After your recent adventures, you could definitely use some rest. Apparently, there is a river of lava in the middle of the jungle you are in. You hope to find it. 

Deep in the Jungle

Here you can really feel one with nature. The jungle wilderness surrounds you from all sides—humid air, birdsong, annoying insects. You could say you’re breathing fully here, but you cannot feel entirely safe here. 

Adventure hooks:

  • The birds are extremely loud today. The deeper into the jungle you wander, the more their songs reach you. Only it is not ordinary birdsong. They’re talking and revealing your deepest secrets. 
  • A monkey jumps on your back and steals the treasure map from your backpack. You try to chase it, but to no avail; you quickly lose its trail. You spot the same map lying in the middle of the path as you return. It says „Lies” and marks a new location on the map that is extremely close to where you currently are. 
  • It started raining hard. You thought the rainy season was over, but the jungle was unpredictable as always. Everything would have been fine if it hadn’t started raining during the fight with the Giant Spider. You decided to retreat, but you didn’t expect that the curtain of rain would limit your visibility so much. Now you remain alone in the jungle with no idea where your companions are or how to find them.

Jungle Huts

Welcome to the local village, but don’t get too comfortable! The locals don’t like that. It’s best to keep your hands to yourself and don’t look around too much.

Adventure hooks:

  • A local tribe has kidnapped you. Upon reaching their camp, all the villagers raise their hands in the air and pay you tribute. At first, you are confused, but then you notice your face painting on the stones and huts. It turns out that you are the goddess they worship. You have no idea what that means and definitely don’t remember you being any god. 
  • You rented a vacation home in the jungle, but something was wrong. The cottage was littered with the belongings of the previous occupants, the furniture was scratched, and you found dried blood on the couch cushions. During the night, you heard someone moving around outside. Looking out the window, you saw a giant bat. It had a bloodthirsty look. 
  • You are a tour guide for wealthy travelers. Each tour visits a local tribe village, and then you rob the tourists. You usually take small items that can be quickly and safely monetized-watches and jewelry. Today you managed to steal a small statuette wrapped in a scrap of cloth. Upon taking it in your hands, you already know something is wrong, and the words of an ancient curse begin to resonate in your head. 

Lake of Meyyotl

Settle down or take a dip. Lake of Meyyotl is not easy to find hidden behind cliffs and deep in the jungle. May as well stay here for a while. 

Adventure hooks:

  • The legend has it that in the darkest depths of the Meyyotl lake lies the statue of the lightning god. This god was a trickster condemned to everlasting torment in the depths. Pulling the statue out from under the water will end his eternal suffering and start a new period for all. The trickster will surely reward his saviors. 
  • The Tribe of Lizardfolks keeps their baby pet dinosaur by the lake. You’re supposed to „rescue” one and bring it to a local wizard. Apparently, they are kept in horrible conditions and abused, but they look well cared for and… happy to your eye. You’d be tempted to take one in yourself…and the Lizardfolks aren’t looking now. 
  • Witch Keveana is looking for someone brave enough to bring her piranhas from Lake of Meyyotl. Piranhas must be delivered alive and in good shape. She forgot to mention that they are four times larger than regular piranhas.

Misty River

The dense fog never leaves this area. It gives it a mysterious yet unsettling feel, but don’t worry. Nothing terrible has happened to anyone here, seemingly.

Adventure hooks:

  • Every rainy day the merchant on the boat opens his store. He wraps his face in thick layers of cloth, and his voice does not sound like the voice of a man. He sells things that have been lost and demands memories as payment.
  • Thick fog, magical in nature, covers the river and abandoned boats. Rumor has it that if you go to travel down the river, the voices in the fog expose all of your secrets, fears, and hopes. At the end of the road awaits the treasure for those who passed the spirit test.
  • Tribesmen are preparing for their annual ritual, and there is one thing left to obtain – crocodile skin. You went hunting with them, but now you have second thoughts, the crocodiles are 10 meters long and don’t look like they will give up without a fight! 

Bridges over the Gorge

Adventure hooks:

  • You are on a mission, deep in a jungle, with your party when a pack of spider-monkeys attacks you. They knock you over, and as you’re trying to get up, your leg gets stuck between the planks of the bridge. You’re panickingly trying to break the boards, but they don’t seem to budge. And the bridge begins to make alarming sounds.
  • The riverbed went dry overnight, leaving many creatures to die. It is evident that magic was involved; however, it is unclear what happened. Clues of potions and ancient writings have been found on the ground. Some believe that a great evil has arisen in the land, while others believe that someone has been stealing the water from the river.
  • As you walk across a bridge, you find a letter hidden between the planks. The message reads in an ancient language, but the image on the seal is distinct. It’s a snake eating its tail. You feel like you saw this seal before. 
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