June Update!

Hello everyone!

Work on Alpha is going full steam ahead; we’ve been focusing on functionality and fine-tuning the Dungeon over the last couple of weeks.

Our programmers have focused on:

  • Working on adventure storyline overview
  • Creating storyline database
  • Improving map creation
  • Map creation reacting to storyline elements: size, lightning, enemies, important story elements
  • Textual information describing Dungeon and placement of enemies and story elements

We have launched the first part of machine learning for content creation – soon, we and our AI will be creating new experiences for you all <3

We also added a drag and drop option:

Object rotation:

And the option to stack objects on top of each other:

As you may remember from previous updates, we’ve been working on the cave, and today, we can show off the first results:

Let us know what you think 🙂 We wanted to achieve an organic effect and for the cave not to look artificial. 

We’ve got a new party member – Aga will be our light sorceress, and she will also support our graphic designer team. She’s currently working on polishing the lights in Dungeon:

These are three options prepared by Aga. Each one has its charm to it. Let us know which one is your favorite! 

Besides, as always, our graphic designers are working hard on the cave assets:

And from Zu, we have new concepts – Hags Cave:

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