March Update!

Hello everyone!

A big milestone is behind us this week. After an uphill struggle and a Covid sickness of half of the team, we’re back on track and rolling.

Below is a video of the map generation module already working!!!

Thanks for watching. We hope you enjoyed it. Now we’re working on the programming side of things:

  • our algorithms for map generation,
  • the algorithms for generating the adventure content,
  • camera handling,
  • the interface to the application,
  • exporting generation results to various formats.

Alpha version for those who chose early access package coming soon. Stay tuned for updates!

On the graphics side of the dungeon, we’ll improve the walls, damage on the floor, add debris, and new models. Later on, we’ll start another setting – the cave.

Soon there will also be another promotional material with the official launch of the product card on Steam!

And as always, check out the gallery of works by our graphic designers – Kasia, Jacek, and Zu:

Keep your fingers crossed. We’re on the right track; thank you for being with us, for your enthusiasm and patience 🙂

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