Special Devlog – Storage Hunter Simulator

Hello fellow Storage Hunters!

We’re switching Storage Hunter’s playground from Unity to Unreal Engine, and here’s why it’s awesome:

  • We’re talking richer details and cooler visuals; it’s about to get REAL!
  • Less waiting, more playing. We’re gearing up to roll updates out faster and smoother.
  • With Unreal, we can unlock a ton of funky features for a better experience.

What does that mean for Storage Hunter development?

  • We’re carefully moving and improving all our current game pieces to a new system, making sure they look better while still keeping their original feel.
  • Our team is learning how to use Unreal’s lighting and special effects to make the gaming experience feel more real and better than ever before.
  • We’re mastering all the different tools that Unreal provides, which is really important for making our game the way we envision it.

Right now, we can show you our first progress – a brand new city environment

And there are more and more amazing things to come…

Keep an eye out for new pics coming on soon!

~ Storage Hunter Team

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