Dev Diary #46

Hello Petrolheads!

Rev up those engines and grab your tools because we’re diving into a world where car mods and high-speed pursuits are the daily grind! We’re back with the October update for Underground Garage!

A Peek into the Unreal Garage

Ever since we shifted gears to Unreal, your support has been nothing short of incredible, and it’s high time to give you a sneak peek into the initial vrooms and zooms we’ve been working on.

Get Your Maps Out, We’re Going to the City!
Curious about how we’ve paved the roads and alleyways for those midnight drag races? Old school, baby! Paper, pen, and a heap of creativity is our GPS through the bustling, neon-lit streets of our gaming city.

Mechanic Mode Madness Continues
The Mechanic Mode journey persists, with more tweaks and updates under the hood. So keep those wrenches swinging!

A Little Extra Nitrous for Your Ride
Never find yourself running on empty with the latest news again! Join our Discord pit crew! Small updates, sneak peeks, and a community that’s all about torque, tuning, and tales from the tracks.

Keep Tuning, Keep Zooming,
Underground Garage Team

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