Technical Alpha Keys!

Hi everyone!

We just sent out the keys to the Tech Alpha. You should find your key in your email (it may have landed in the Spam folder, so be sure to check that out too!). Thank you all for your patience, and don’t forget to share what you create in NED with us on our Discord! Please report all bugs to the #technical-alpha-forum on our Discord.

The Technical Alpha means a version of the product with basic features for testing. In the case of NED, we wanted to show you the progress of our work and invite you to contribute to the product. Keep in mind, however, that we have had a big pivot in production recently due to key generation algorithms. We are not satisfied with the generation results and are now working on a different approach to their creation.

In the current Technical Alpha version you can:

  • generate an adventure in a dungeon – all adventures are goblin-themed (due to the fact that we want to refine the algorithms on one theme first and then program other themes later);
  • generate a map suitable for that adventure;
  • export the map in the PNG format (an image that can be loaded into any VTT or printed out), and export it into the Roll20 format, complete with dynamic lighting;
  • modify, add, remove objects in the dungeon;
  • save your adventures and maps for later use. (There are still bugs when loading previously made maps, and it is best to load the previously made map by restarting the application (we will fix it soon)).

Didn’t have time to sign up, or are you unsure if you filled out the form correctly? Please complete our new formMore than 200 emails from the previous form didn’t match our backer database, so we are reopening the form database for those in doubt. Please remember to double-check if the email you enter is the same as your Kickstarter email. We have to use such a security measure because the sign-up form was open  to everyone. Anyone could sign up there, and we don’t want someone who didn’t back the campaign to  have the same access as our backers.

If you have any questions or problems, write to us on Discord. Please report all bugs to the #technical-alpha-forum on our Discord.

Here’s our roadmap – I hope you will actively help us in further production!

The next steps are:

  • making major changes to the text and the map generation algorithm (we changed both the design and AI algorithms);
  • introducing new themes to the dungeon setting (such as adventures in prison);
  • introducing a new setting (Cave);
  • introducing the first set of mechanics to support the VTT mode (the statistics of enemies, monsters, loot, traps, as well as the support for player figures).

Today the first threads will come up on the new channel on Discord – #help-us-in-production !

Have a great time exploring the dungeon!

Spellarena Team

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