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Visit the home of dwarves who live inside the Olan Mountain!

The King of the dwarves of Olan Mountain has put up a notice calling for adventurers willing to deal with a goblin infestation in one of the mines under his domain. You volunteer and get rid of the problem quickly since you are proficient at fighting such monsters. After the king’s men confirm that the mine is clear of the evil vermin, the King invites you to his home. He wants to personally congratulate you on your success.

The dwarven home is inside the mountain. A large stone door engraved with battling dwarves opens to reveal a wide corridor. To your left is a storage area for items the dwarves trade with those who come to the Olan Mountain to barter. You follow the dwarf assigned to guide you. He leads you through a large empty chamber to the next room where the king sits upon his throne. The old dwarf is overjoyed at being able to have you here as his guest. He pays the handsome reward he promised you and insists that the mountain is now as much your home as it is his.

He walks you through the corridors of the place, showing you around. “This is where my chambers are.” He leads you through a corridor to the west of the throne room. “Farther south are the rooms of the nobles. There are two dining halls here as well.”

He then leads you to the other side of the dungeon to another room with a dining table. Tired dwarves, dirty from work in the mine, rise to greet their king. “This is the area in which the miners eat and sleep. Beyond that-“

Shouting interrupts his words; the cries sound from the coal mine to the east of the dining hall.

“Goblins! We’re under attack!” A dwarven miner comes running your way.

You have to fight to save the dwarves again!

Adventure Hooks

  • You’re guests of the king of the Olan Mountain after successfully completing a quest for him. When he shows you around his home, goblins attack the coal mine adjacent to the dungeon. You have to fight to protect the monarch and the other dwarves.
  • The King of the Olan Mountain has a precious ax embedded with a ruby. Rumor says he hides the item in his chambers. You get hired to steal the ax and must infiltrate the dwarven dungeon to locate it. Hopefully you will be able to get out without anybody noticing you. Suddenly, however, you see guards! Oh no, you’ve been found out.
  • A dwarven noble by the name of Grumdarf has tasked you with stealing an emerald signet ring from his bitter rival Grumdorf. You have to enter Grumdorf’s chambers while Grumdarf stands guard. However, the operation goes awry and you are noticed. Now you have to explain to the king why you meddled in dwarven affairs.

Step inside the giant tree and take its loot for yourselves!

“A group of fae inhabits the inside of a giant tree somewhere deep in the woods,” Sir Archibald, a balding gnome inventor, tells you. He has posted a call for adventurers; he seeks help to recover a looking glass that has magical properties. “The fae have built their kingdom around that tree. They have a hoard of riches inside. And they have stolen my looking glass. Your task will be to retrieve it.”

Sir Archibald and you agree on your payment, and you leave for the fae forest. After hours of exploring the woods you finally reach the giant tree. You stop before it, staring at the sight in awe. The tree is enormous. Walkways lead up into the thick boughs, connecting them. Leaf-covered figures with humanoid forms move around, busy with their tasks. But when you enter the walkways, they notice you. They run in your direction, preparing their magic. It’s time to fight!

When the fight is over – a difficult battle due to the narrowness of the walkways – you enter the inside of the tree and see the piles of gold and artifacts scattered around. Sir Archibald’s looking glass lies on top of one gold pile. He didn’t say you couldn’t take what you wish for yourself from the rest of the hoard. Becoming rich marks a good day in an adventurer’s life!

Adventure Hooks

  • Sir Archibald, a gnome inventor, has lost his looking glass. He sends you to the woods where fae live inside a giant tree. They are the ones who stole from the old gnome. You find the tree and fight the fae until you breach their barriers and find sir Archibald’s looking glass as well as other wondrous items.
  • You’ve heard stories that the fae living in a giant tree have a hoard of valuable items befitting a dragon. You decide to get those riches for yourselves. After fighting the fae, you reach the inside of the tree. You are not disappointed when you find the piles of gold and artifacts within.
  • The fae of the giant tree have invited you to their kingdom, which they have aptly built around a giant tree. They lead you through walkways suspended in the air between boughs to show you their riches. If you complete a quest for the fae monarch, some of those riches will be yours. You just need to steal a magical looking glass from a gnome inventor named Sir Archibald.

Despite the sinister atmosphere of these woods, your party of brave adventurers pushes forward.

You hear that the Haunted Forest is home to dangerous beasts that offer a good challenge for a party of brave warriors and mages. The mayor of the nearby village has decided that he’s fed up with the constant attacks of the crazed animals that come out of these woods, so there’s a prize of a good amount of gold attached to the quest too. This opportunity is ideal for your party, so you decide to enter the forest and face its dangers.

You’ve been walking deeper and deeper into the woods, and you’ve lost count of how many monsters you’ve slain so far. At some point you come across a pond with murky water. A peculiar statue stands in the middle, eyes glowing deep red. You get the feeling the statue and the crazed state of the animals might somehow be connected. Is it a good idea though to come near the piece of strange art?

You decide to approach the statue, and you put your hand on the head of the creature it depicts. Suddenly you feel movement in the air around you! It seems touching the statue has summoned six demons. It’s time to fight yet another enemy! At least you’re not cursed, or are you?

Adventure Hooks

  • The mayor of a village that borders the Haunted Forest has asked you to slay all the crazed animals and monsters that come out of the woods to attack the villagers. You venture into the forest, and at some point you find a pond with a strange statue. Will you decide to touch it or leave it be? Does it have anything to do with why the animals acting crazed? Maybe finding out the answer to that mystery is a better solution to the perils of the village that contracted you.
  • Locan, an old human mage who isn’t acting suspicious at all, has asked you to take him deep into the Haunted Forest. He’s seeking a pond with a peculiar statue. When you arrive at the location, Locan touches the statue’s head, screaming something about you being an offering to his god. He summons six demons. Will you fight your way out of this encounter?
  • A gnome inventor has asked you to bring back the red stones that act as eyes of a strange statue which can be found inside the Haunted Forest. When you touch the piece of art, however, you are attacked by a greater demon who’s out for your blood!

You find an overturned wagon that hasn’t been fully robbed of its merchandise for some reason. Who could have done this?

You’re traveling to the capital in hopes of finding better paying work there. At one point you find an overturned wagon. You examine the remains of what must have been a small, one-person caravan. The former owner, a merchant, is lying in the bushes – dead. The horse must have escaped. But the realization that the wagon has not been robbed of all goods makes you wonder – who or what attacked this man, and why?

You don’t have to wait long to figure out the answer as you suddenly hear noises coming from the bushes on the left side of the road. You prepare your weapons and magic just in time as a bunch of goblins spring out at your party, armed with spears and short bows. The green-skinned monsters seem to have decided to use the caravan to lure in concerned passersby so they can rob them of even more goods.

However, now that you’re the ones under attack, the goblins’ luck has run out. You’re skilled in the art of adventuring and eliminating monsters, so you make quick work of the noisy enemies. The poor merchant should have known better than to travel alone. This incident is not the first time you have witnessed a caravan that has fallen prey to monsters or bandits, and you suspect it won’t be the last one either.

Adventure Hooks

  • On your way to the capital you find an upturned wagon with merchandise still lying around. As you wonder who would attack the merchant but fail to didn’t steal all of the items, you are ambushed by a group of goblins. Hopefully, disposing of the enemies will be quick work for skilled adventurers such as yourselves.
  • You are tasked by the Merchant Guild with finding out why a merchant has not yet made it to Thorwood with the items that the general store requested. You follow the man’s route to that town only to find him dead and his wagon lying on the side. It seems the man suffered a bear attack, as the footprints suggest. You can’t leave the animal to prey on any other caravans, so you decide to venture into the forest to hunt the beast.
  • You witness a group of bandits attacking a caravan on the road to Thorwood. Before you manage to spring into action against them, they turn the wagon over to act as cover as they shoot arrows at you. But you’re a party of skilled adventurers, so you won’t have a problem getting rid of the enemy, right?

The hag that lives in the Haunted Forest has invited you for tea!

Eleanora Redwood, an old mage who’s a professor at the Magical Academy in the capital, has been engaged in a bitter rivalry for years with Hegvilda Starfire, an old alchemist who now lives in the Haunted Forest. The two women don’t wish to inflict severe harm on each other, but they do delight in committing small pranks. The quest you accepted from Eleanora Redwood is to go to Hegvilda’s cottage and put a potion into her cauldron. The potion is only supposed to change the color of the concoction brewing inside, but you have your doubts. However, Eleanora has paid good money, and the quest is simple enough.

You enter the Haunted Forest, ignoring its sinister aura. After walking for an hour you arrive at the place where Hegvilda’s hut is located. You knock on the door. An old woman answers, happy to have visitors. She has you sit in the living room while she goes into the kitchen. The cauldron you’re supposed to pour the potion into is standing in the middle of the room. You quickly do the work, changing the color of the liquid from red to green.

Hegvilda offers you tea to go along with the cookies she prepared, but she pours the tea from the cauldron, not minding the change in color at all. You refuse to drink, but she does. As a result, her body changes into the form of an ugly, monstrous hag. She cackles. “It seems you have changed my work into the potion of the True Form. I can’t have you telling everyone I’m a real hag though, and not just an innocent alchemist. You will die now!”

Adventure Hooks

  • Eleanora Redwood, a professor at the Magic Academy in the capital, tasks you with pouring a potion into the cauldron of an alchemist living in the Haunted Forest, Hegvilda Starfire. When you do the deed, the alchemist changes into a hag after drinking some of the liquid. She won’t let you out of her hut alive, so you have to fight for your lives!
  • A merchant’s daughter is suffering from a strange illness. You’re tasked with escorting the merchant and his daughter through the Haunted Forest and finding the hut of Hegvilda Starfire, an old alchemist who’s very skilled at curing people. When you arrive at the hut, you have to convince Hegvilda to help.
  • On your journeys you have met Hegvilda Starfire, an old alchemist. She has invited you to visit her hut the next time you travel through the Haunted Forest. The day comes, and you knock on her door. She’s happy you’ve visited. But the inside of her hut is strange, even for an alchemist. What is that potion that’s brewing in the huge cauldron in the middle of the living room?
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