February Map Pack!

Winter Glade

Adventure hooks:

  • Winter glades provide the ultimate test of spirit for adventure lovers and survivalists. Only the most resilient can endure. The frost will bite your cheeks, and deep snow is up to your waist—no food, shelter, or fire. The ice goddesses will greatly reward those who survive three days.
  • Deep in the northern lands, ice flowers are starting to bloom. They grow in small patches hidden beneath the snow. Rumor has it that the flower’s petals can be used to bring back life to the dead. But it is not known in what form the dead will return. 
  • Your friend went missing during a snowstorm. His winter coat was found in the glade pierced by an arrow made of pure ice. You start searching for him, but you realize you’re being followed as you go.

Icy Crossroad

Once swamps, now ice-covered streams. The thick ice is safe to walk on, but still, every louder sound sends shivers down your spine. 

Adventure hooks:

  • The dwarves of the mountain have lived in isolation for centuries. They’re now looking to establish trade routes with the human villages in the north. With its thick, impenetrable ice, the Icy Crossing seems like an ideal route if it weren’t for two things – the place is occupied by orcas, and large rocks block the way on South. Dwarves will warmly reward those who solve both of these problems. 
  • The annual sleigh race is about to begin! This year Icy Crossroad has been chosen as the route. Prepare well your reindeer and other creatures to pull the sleigh. This year the Queen of the Elves has prepared a special gift for the winning team.
  • Traveling through an icy land in the snow, you find an injured white wolf. His paw is stuck in a bear trap. You carefully get him out of the trap, but unfortunately, it is already too late. At least you think it is. The next day, in this place, instead of a wolf, you find a young man with white hair that looks very much like wolf fur. 

Snowy Cave Entrance

The frost-covered plants and trees sparkle in the sunlight as you head deeper into the mountains. You hear the crunching of snow under your boots as you walk along a path you haven’t walked before. You wonder- what secrets does the mountain hold?

Adventure hooks:

  • As you travel along a mountain trail, you find the scales of a white dragon in the snow. Rumor has it that the white dragon is long dead, but the higher you climb, the more a feeling of unease overwhelms you. You see giant paw prints in the snow and hear a roar just inside the cave entrance. The dragon is not happy that someone has decided to visit him. 
  • Rumor has it that a coat made of Yeti fur will make you never feel the cold again as long as you wear it. A lone Yeti lives in a cave on top of a mountain, and you’re tired of the constant freezing and cold of the northern lands. 
  • The blizzard was unexpected. The snow is so thick that you cannot see a foot in front of you, and everything starts to blend together. You try to stick together, but the raging wind makes it difficult. Suddenly arrows start falling on you, a whole swarm of arrows. You cannot see your opponents, but you know you must act quickly. 

Frozen Lake

The snow is almost up to your knees, and it is hard to keep walking. The surface of ice shines blindingly in the sun, but you can’t help but think that it is beautiful.

Adventure hooks:

  • There’s a legend about the Golden Fish, a mythical creature that lives under the ice. It shows up every full moon when the moonlight hits the ice surface. Local rulers are willing to do anything to capture the Golden Fish. 
  • Bathing in ice-cold water cleans your mind, spirit, and body. It grants you cold resistance and opens your mind to see things that no others can see. At least, that’s what Winter Elves say. But first, before you can jump into the water, you need to figure out how to cut through meters of rock-solid ice. 
  • The Druid leader was gathering herbs when he was shot with an enchanted arrow. The arrow caused the druid to slowly turn into a bison. He became angrier and angrier each day, until one day, he completely lost his mind and joined a herd of bison. The druid clan knows no way to reverse the transformation and asks you to find the archer who delivered this unfortunate fate for their leader.

Winter Tavern

The tavern is quite loud and a fancy place. Rumors come at you from all sides, and you can always meet interesting personas here like the man in the corner who seems to be staring at your every move, or the waitress who just keeps on pouring more ale even though you’ve already had more than enough.

Adventure hooks:

  • Bard walks up onto the table, red wine in hand, and sings. His voice resonates deep inside you, almost like a prophecy. You’re drawn to it and cannot look away until he finishes. When the song ends, he collapses and seems possessed.
  • You’re in a tavern having a few drinks when you see a man playing cards with another man at the table beside you. You start watching the game and see that one of them is cheating. He’s using sleight of hand to get an advantage over his opponent. You decide to help his opponent by distracting him while he cheats.
  • Seeking shelter from the cold, you stop at a tavern. As you sit by the fire, a patron grabs you by the arm and says, „you’re the hero type, I can tell. I need your help. I’ve been stuck in this tavern for the past few years and cannot leave.”

Cliff over the Frozen River

The air is still, and your breath makes a fog that hangs in the air. In the distance, you hear a low growl. You look down at your feet, and you’re standing on the edge of the cliff. The frozen expanse stretches out before you, so far you can’t see where it ends.

Adventure hooks:

  • You’re walking through the woods, hunting for food, when you stumble across a small fishing boat stuck on a chunk of ice in the middle of a frozen river. You find a few bags full of gold hidden in it. 
  • You take part in a hunting contest organized by Dwarves. The one who gets the most skins wins a weapon made by a Dwarven Master. All weapons are allowed, both in terms of hunting and reward. 
  • You try to cross the ice, but your boots keep slipping. With small steps, you get closer and closer to the cliff, but under the surface of the ice, you notice a face. It’s frighteningly similar to yours. You read their lips as they try to tell you something. As you begin to understand their word, the ice beneath you starts to crack.
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