April Map Pack!

Town Hall

Greetings folks! This time we invite you to a small town. We hope that you will be able to discover all its secrets and your team will have a nice time here 🙂

Adventure hooks:

  • Working for a Mayor and doing paperwork every day, listing and sorting through boring letters is definitely not for you. You want to go on a great adventure, or at least do something slightly more exciting. Days go by until you come across something intriguing that definitely shouldn’t end up in your hands. The letter’s contents say something about a monster residing in your town. If only you could find the rest of the correspondence…
  • A great hero comes to your town every week and tells about his adventures, showing the loot he has managed to get. During one meeting, you touch his sword. You hear the sword speak to you: Release me.
  • Rumor has it that the well in the middle of the town courtyard grants wishes. You don’t believe it and throw a copper coin into the well with disdain. The following day when you pass by the well, it spits the same copper coin in your direction. 

Ales 'n Beds Tavern

The tavern is the center of the town’s social life. Every Wednesday night, all the townspeople gather here. All you hear in the tavern is a rather dull everyday business… until you start drawing out the right people. 

Adventure hooks:

  • The bed at the tavern is terribly uncomfortable. You feel like something is digging into your spine, so you angrily lift up the mattress. Under the bed, you find a chest filled up with bones.
  • The ale at the tavern has been filled with a magic potion that makes you answer honestly to any question you are asked. Good for getting to know each other and bad for secrets keeper.
  • Each night at the tavern, Madame Zora sits alone and stares into her mug of ale. She’s willing to tell anyone’s fortune for a few coins. All her predictions have come true, or her clients have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Meliland Port

Can you feel the breath of sea air? Welcome to the Port!  It’s rumored that the Pirate King once resided here, but the locals deny it. Still, if you look some of the fishermans in the eyes they seem a little bit dangerous. Maybe the Pirate King is hiding among them.

Adventure hooks:

  • A captain who disappeared a few years ago arrives one night in a small boat. He’s missing a few fingers, and when you try to talk to him, you notice that his tongue has been cut off. He shows a gold coin with a symbol that reminds you of something you saw in the past.
  • Adventurers Guild is looking for new members! All you have to do is prove your proficiency in four skills: combat, boat racing, craftsmanship, and of course, drinking a whole barrel of wine.
  • The armory, a secret place where weapons are stored and cared for, is looking for a new blacksmith. The old blacksmith recently retired and left the position open. The armory has employed you, and it is your job to make weapons and take care of them. Unfortunately, the weapons get covered in rust every night, no matter what.

St Athuneya Church

St Athuneya Church is where all are welcome, no matter your past, present, or future. Anyone is welcome to explore the teachings and attend the sermons and rituals. Some of the people go there, hoping to find the answer of their secret prayers.

Adventure hooks:

  • The bell that is situated in the center of the town has always been used to warn the people of danger. For the past few days, it has been ringing on its own. Some people say it may have been possessed by a ghost. You offered the Mayor your help, but he forbids you to go near the bell. 
  • The town folks have been giving sacrifices to their Goddess for generations. However, their Goddess demanded human sacrifice on the last full moon, and no one could deny her wishes. The Priest is worried that his Goddess has been corrupted. H needs to find a way to save the village from her wrath.
  • Everything that the Priest says during his sermons comes true. The events he describes always happen, and everyone who attends his speeches knows this…but they don’t know how or why. Some are afraid he will abuse his power, but the Priest denies everything.
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