July Update

Hello everyone!

It’s another exciting month for the Never Ending Dungeon team, and as always, we’re thrilled to be sharing our progress with you. Let’s dive into the update.

We want to introduce you to Bartłomiej, our new AI Engineer. Bartłomiej brings with him a wealth of experience in AI development, which he’ll be applying to further enhance the capabilities of Never Ending Dungeon.

On the programming front, we’ve been diligently working on fine-tuning the edit mode and camera system. Our aim is to provide you with an intuitive interface and versatile camera controls that will make designing and exploring your dungeons a seamless experience.

In addition, we are also enhancing the generation rules for objects and environments. This will allow the creation of richer, more immersive environments that feel as alive and unpredictable as any handcrafted dungeon!

Lighting plays a critical role in setting the atmosphere of a room or scene, and we understand this well. Hence, we’re tweaking our light generation rules to better represent the purpose or decoration of rooms.

In other exciting news, we’ve expanded our team with the addition of Pia, a talented Character Artist. Her expertise is already breathing life into the myriad of characters you’ll encounter in your adventures. We can’t wait to show you what she’s been working on!

Lately, our Lead Designer and Lead Artist have been putting their heads together on a new setting – Temple/Undead. Today, we’re thrilled to reveal the first results of their efforts. Here are some wall concepts prepared by Zu, our Lead Artist. We’re sure you’ll find them as awe-inspiring as we do.

And as always, we have an asset gallery for you:

Until the next update, keep dreaming up those dungeons!


The Never Ending Dungeon Team

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