June Update

Hi everyone!

We’re back with the June update, and we hope you’re all doing great. Over the past few weeks, our team has been hard at work implementing new features, refining existing systems, and expanding our talented team to make NED an even more powerful tool for game masters.

Our programming team has been wholeheartedly focused on fine-tuning our generation system to ensure an exceptional user experience. In particular, we have made significant strides in enhancing the generation of wide corridors and doors, stairs, bridges, and placement rules. Furthermore, we are committed to continuous testing of the generation process, meticulously analyzing its outcomes, and planning for future enhancements.

If you want to see multi-level dungeons in action, check out the video below:

Turning our attention to aesthetics, we want to share VFXs that we created:

Coal Burning:

Altar Bowl:

Poisonous Gas:

We are also excited to welcome a new team member Michał, a skilled Python programmer, to our party. His expertise will contribute to the further development and refinement of NED’s AI capabilities, allowing for even more dynamic and immersive storytelling.

Our design team has been busy researching the Temple/Undead theme, with the goal of creating a captivating and atmospheric experience for game masters and players alike. Lead Designer Anna is carefully considering different approaches and collaborating closely with our Lead Art Zu to ensure that the chosen theme aligns seamlessly with NED’s gameplay and aesthetics.

Furthermore, we are establishing rules for light placement, which will play a crucial role in setting the mood and ambiance of the generated dungeons. This attention to detail will enhance the immersion and storytelling possibilities within NED.

Not to mention numerous assets we have created:

And at the very end we have for you a hefty dose of concept art from Zu:

Thank you for your support, and see you in the next update!


The Spellarena Team

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