July Map Pack

Vanquish the evil bandits who attack and rob caravans!

For the last few months the roads between Old Wolde and Brightstream haven’t been safe. Bandits in groups ranging from five to eight members have been plundering the caravans traveling between these two major trading hubs. Finally the mayors of the two towns have decided they’ve had enough of the bandit threat. They’ve contacted you to get rid of the dreadful enemies.

You make your way through the woods to the bandit camp. It’s surrounded by a tall palisade, suggesting that the inhabitants aren’t planning to leave any time soon. Two humans stand guard in front of the entrance. You make quick work of them and enter the camp itself.

To the right are four tents around a campfire. The inhabitants come outside, weapons drawn, and attack you. The battle is difficult and bloody. At some point, from the larger tent in the back, the bandit chief appears and joins his comrades in the fight. He’s strong, and the swings of his battleaxe are deadly. But you prevail, and the fight ends with your victory.

When you look around the camp you notice cages with people inside. These are the bandit victims who went missing. They cry tears of relief as you open their prisons and let them out. In the back behind the tents is a wagon with expensive textiles, recently stolen. There are also numerous crates full of potions, jewelry, pottery, weapons, and pieces of armor. The bandits stole whatever they thought was of value. But now you will be able to help Old Wolde and Brightstream return these valuables to their rightful owners.

Finally the threat of bandits is no more, and all thanks to you, brave adventurers!

Adventure Hooks

  • Old Wolde and Brightstream, the two main towns in the region, have had their trade interrupted by bandit attacks on the road that connects them. They have asked you to locate the bandit camp and get rid of the enemies who disturb the peace of their traders.
  • A dwarven merchant called Dumas had his wagon full of expensive textiles stolen recently by a group of bandits. He will pay you handsomely for returning the lost property to his residence in Brightstream.
  • It’s bad enough that the bandits who are active on the road between Old Wolde and Brightstream rob wagons of valuables, but now they’ve started taking people prisoner too. An old woman who goes by the name Tasia has no money for the ridiculously high ransom the bandits demand in exchange for releasing her daughter Gia. An old heirloom of hers is all she can give you. She pleads for you to rescue her child.

Visit the marketplace of Averille and buy all manner of wondrous items!

One of the activities you most enjoy doing during your travels is collecting precious artifacts. But your last runs of clearing out the dungeons resulted in no exciting treasure. You did, however, earn a lot of money. Maybe it’s time to spend this small fortune on getting exactly what your party needs – extraordinary weapons with magical properties perhaps?

The marketplace in the town of Averille is known for sellers who carry many oddities. A ring that lets you speak a foreign language you’ve never learned? A shawl that makes you invisible? A tome that reads its contents aloud to you? Here you will find all these fantastic treasures and more!

“Thief!” Someone calls out, but you see no thief nearby. Instead, the guards who pour out of the alleyways point their spears at you. You’ve been framed! Will you be able to talk your way out of this situation or will you have to fight your way out instead? The space between the colorful stalls is tight. You’d better have a good strategy for close combat in the middle of the market, should the situation go south.

Adventure Hooks

  • You want to buy a magical item with all your hard-earned gold. You hear that the marketplace of Averille is a location where such artifacts are sold. You travel to the town and enter the market to browse the wares.
  • An old scribe by the name of Alison Torelle sends you to Averille to buy a tome that reads its contents aloud. The woman is old and going blind. She has nobody who can read to her. She couldn’t promise a great reward, but you were moved by her plight and decided to help her regardless.
  • You’re preparing for a heist and think the shawl of invisibility could make your victory easier. The item is expensive, but you hear it can be purchased in Averille’s marketplace. So you travel to the town and browse the wares.

The miners have unearthed an old dwarven dungeon! Come and explore its depths!

The silver mines near Potburry have brought a lot of wealth to the region. Nobody expected that the miners would one day also unearth an entrance to what seems to be old rooms of dwarven origin. The first room they glimpse through the opening has a circle of dwarven symbols on the floor – was this design prepared for a summoning ritual or some other nefarious spell?

The foreman refuses to risk a disaster happening to his crew. He closes the mine and calls for brave adventurers to explore the dungeon. You are the one who takes on this quest.

In the first room to the right, there’s water that reaches your knees. It’s stale and old, but otherwise harmless. In the room to the left, two sarcophagi dwell. But are these simple discoveries all there are to the dungeon? As you break the spell circle, four suits of armor from each corner of the room start to move. You will need to fight for your life!

When the battle’s over, the door that leads deeper into the dungeon’s depths opens with a loud sound. Opposite the entrance is a throne room. There’s a fancy chair in the middle. But what really catches your eye are the glowing crystals. What manner of precious treasure are these? The corridor on the left leads into a room with a crystal ball. Do you dare to look inside and discover your fate? Or maybe the crystal ball is just a trick created by some old dwarven inventor and wizard. The last room, on the right, houses what you’ve really been seeking – a treasure chest filled with gold!

With your help the dungeon has been cleared, but the question of what those strange blue glowing crystals are remains. Maybe an old wizard should be summoned to offer expert guidance on them?  The foreman remains doubtful about whether to open the mines again. Is it safe… or not?

Adventure Hooks

  • The foreman of the Potburry mine hires you to check if the old dwarven dungeon that his people uncovered is safe. He wants to open the mines again but can’t until he knows that no danger is lurking within the opening in the wall. You can take anything you think is worth something as payment for your exploration.
  • The dwarven scholar Theobold has been researching dwarven ruins in the region. When he hears that an old dungeon has been uncovered by the miners of Potburry, he asks you to investigate it for him. He’s particularly interested in what the dwarves called crystal cultivation. If you come across any samples of blue glowing crystals, you should bring them to him.
  • The human researcher Hadden is curious about his future. He hears that in the mines near Potburry an old dwarven dungeon has been uncovered which houses a crystal ball. Possibly whoever gazes into the ball sees what their fate will be five years from now – or so the old dwarven texts claim. Hadden hires you to escort him inside the mine so he can check for himself.

Explore the cave system which houses the lair of goblins!
Hunting goblins is part of a new adventurer’s normal day. The vermin like to dwell in abandoned ruins and mines. Sometimes more of them gather in one place than you would like. Despite their numbers, the plague of goblins has to be eradicated.
You enter a cave system that you heard is a goblin horde’s lair. Indeed the foul smell of your enemy is hard to miss in this place. The air is quite damp too, and not far away from the entrance you hear water flowing. There must be a river here. To the left, a bunch of wolves tamed by the goblins live in a pen. They howl upon noticing you. The sound lures the goblins to your location – you’re in for a fight!
After you defeat the first wave of greenskins, you proceed farther into the caves. You pass by the river, soon finding yourself in a large cave. Piles of hay — a resting place for the goblins — are scattered around. You fight off more of the enemies and proceed to the last cave where the goblin shaman resides. The fight with their leader is the hardest battle yet, but you are victorious regardless.
You gather what you find of value in the caves. You have an idea to tread through the water in search of a hidden room. Indeed, upstream you discover a hidden cave which holds a giant chest filled with gold and jewelry. Now your party will be able to live like kings for the next month!

Adventure Hooks

  • Potburry has suffered long enough from goblin attacks on the road leading into town. You accept the mayor’s quest to find the enemy’s lair, and your search leads you to the cave system. Now your task is to clear out the despicable vermin residing within.
  • The old human wizard Richmond requires goblin ears for a potion that he’s making. He calls it a ‘beautifying elixir’. Goblin ears aren’t pretty, so why they’re an ingredient in such a potion is a mystery to you. But the wizard is paying well, so you find a cave system full of goblins and venture inside to defeat as many of them as you can.
  • You spend a night in the woods, resting after your latest adventure. But while slumbering you are attacked by goblins. Once they realize they can’t defeat you, they grab your bags which hold your valuables and run away. You chase them to an entrance leading into a cave system. To get back what’s yours you’ll have to venture inside!

Take a rest in this peaceful clearing after a day spent adventuring!

You’ve been fighting powerful enemies since you woke this morning – just another day in an adventurer’s life, you could say. At night your party makes camp in a small clearing in the woods. Before you go to sleep you all share stories of adventurers you had before the party met and decided to work together. Soon the talk turns to reminiscing about the quests you’ve been on together. The orc leader you defeated. The bandit camp you destroyed. The goblin caves you cleared. The weird individuals who have hired you for tasks. The bard in your party sings a song he wrote about your virtues. Finally you’re all too tired to stay awake, so you snuggle into your bedrolls. One of you stays up for the first watch.

But the night is only peaceful for a few hours. Suddenly a commotion wakes you up, and you grab your weapons. You’ve been attacked by goblins! They’re not after your lives thankfully, but they are eager to steal your hard-earned valuables! They grab your bags and run. You fight and quickly slay the ones who stay behind to keep you busy. Afterwards though, you have to search for the runaway goblins and the goods they took.

The night does not end up being nearly as peaceful as you hoped it would be.

Adventure Hooks

  • After a long day fighting monsters, you make camp in the clearing and go to bed. But at night goblins attack, and you have to fight to protect the loot you’ve gathered. When some goblins escape with your treasures, you’re forced to give chase.
  • You have been looking for a clearing to rest in for an hour now. Finally your party stumbles upon a seemingly peaceful clearing. This place should be good to make
  • camp in for the night. But soon after you fall asleep, the howls of wolves wake you up. You’re being attacked! Fight for your lives!
  • You stumble upon a group of traveling entertainers who have set up a camp in the woods. They’ve got interesting stories to tell if you’d like to listen.
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